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Mr. Beckmann lecturing his students on the history of government.

Mr. Beckmann

Sophomore Natalie Walsh appreciates the notorious Mr. Beckmann

Dear Mr. Beckmann,


I had never gotten a 50 percent on a test or quiz before I’d gotten in to your class. And when I got a 50 percent on the chapter nine quiz, one can say I was slightly upset.

Maybe a little more than slightly upset.

But it was you who ran into me as I was walking to cross country practice that day and said to me, “You’ve never gotten a 50 percent on a quiz before in your life, have you?” To which I responded with a no. But it was also you who told me to keep studying and keep going because you knew I could do better.

And the next quiz, I did better.

Over the course of the year, I have learned way more about government and politics than I ever would have cared to learn, and I am incredibly glad I did. Your work in the classroom is significant in the lives of every individual that takes your class which encourages them to become well-educated and active members in our political system. You have taught countless students how to succeed on the AP test and sparked an unknown interest in government for all your pupils.

But you have done so much more than teach.

You have made us laugh when we have been at our lows and have celebrated with us when we have reached our highs. But most importantly, you are realistic. You aren’t afraid to tell it as it is and encourage your students to see the whole picture rather than focus on a small part.

And despite the terrible sleep schedule that most students get during the school year, you manage to keep us awake. Some may say you grasp our attention with the stunningly attractive qualities of our bureaucracy system, or maybe our complex and intricate budgetary processes that has evolved greatly over time.

I say that you keep us awake with the insane amount of times you walk back and forth in the room while lecturing. Seriously, it’s a lot. The constant swivel of heads back and forth is surprisingly engaging. One day I tallied how many times you walked from one side of the room to the other. It was 43 and half times.

43 and a half times.

Do you get tired? I would.

Anyway, as a sophomore in AP Government and Politics, I was worried about how this class would be structured and taughed. And I will never be able to say exactly how grateful I am to have had you teach it. It was hard, but it was perfect.

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