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Megan Zadell

Ms. Laurie Fay and Carl Swanson enjoy a fun moment during test review in AP Language and Composition.

Ms. Fay

Junior Hannah Hodges writes about the individual way that Ms. Fay makes each student feel

Ms. Fay makes every day better. English has always been my favorite subject, and getting to be in Fay’s class makes it so much more fun. As a teacher she is attentive and always willing to help you and discuss what you are struggling with. I appreciate that she is someone easy to come to when I have questions or even if I just want to talk. There have been moments where Fay has pulled me aside to talk to me about my life when she knows things are going on, and it made me feel heard and important. I feel mature in her company, not like a whiny teenager. I love the confidence I have the moment I enter her class due to the environment she creates. She gets the classwork done efficiently and in the most helpful way as possible while allowing students to show every single one of their true colors in her room. Fay, there are so many things I’m thankful for but overall I appreciate you and everything you do for your students. • Copyright 2022 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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