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Zoe Hentz

Mrs. Baize conversing with students in her English II class

Mrs. Baize

Senior Jacob Edwards admires Mrs. Baize's enthusiastic outlook on school

Walking through the halls of FHC, you hear different sounds coming from the different classrooms you pass. You can’t usually make out what is being said until you are right next to the doors, but that’s not the case with Mrs. Baize. All you have to do is get within 100 feet to hear her loud, energetic voice. This energy and enthusiasm sets Baize apart from all other teachers because she not only keeps kids awake and engaged in her class, but it makes them want to learn and enjoy their time as well. For me, Mrs. Baize has been more than just a teacher. She has been a mentor, someone that I can always depend on for help and advice. But more importantly, she has been a friend. Her infectious happiness and positive demeanor have left a lasting impact on my life, both as a student and a person. She has inspired me to follow my passions in life, and to become a teacher, like her. Mrs. Baize is a truly wonderful person, and has been a role model for me as long as I have known her. Any student would be lucky to have her as a teacher, because I know that I sure am. • Copyright 2024 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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