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Isaiah Salin

Mrs. Flood lecturing students on how to give a better presentation

Mrs. Flood

Juniior Kierigan McEvoy values Mrs. Flood's positivity

From dealing with overbearing students during seminar to coming in early to film presentations to also being open for any discussion, Mrs. Flood has drastically impacted my high school career over the past two years. At times she may be too generous with deadlines and willing to give extended time on assignments, it is because she has a true passion and love for her students. She wants to help them succeed in every way, shape, and form in life. She begins every week on Monday making sure we talk about our weekends. She welcomes every student to class with a warm smile and very loud and proud GOOD MORNING (for it being 8:18 am). Yet without that greeting and the enthusiasm she infuses into her classroom I must confess that I would have suffered at the hands of over stressing and giving up many a times. Thank you for Mrs. Flood for providing excitement for learning, for being invested in your students out of school activities, and cultivating creativity in your classroom. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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