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Vincent Graczyk

Mr. McCoy helping students with a lab in Chemistry

Mr. McCoy

Junior Hannah Hodges values the fun that Mr. McCoy allows students to have in her class

Mr. McCoy brings me endless amusement. I signed up for physics because I was interested in the way the world works, but I had no idea I was signing up to watch Mr. McCoy nerd out over physics for an hour! The joy he finds from our class labs and demonstrations makes the class so much more joyful. I appreciate being comfortable enough to come and ask him questions when I am struggling and the time he spends to help students with their assignments. In case no one has had Mr. McCoy, he makes physics worth it! You should look forward to science jokes, and fun labs, and lots of diagrams, but you should also look forward to a teacher who really cares about what he teaches and the students he is teaching. I get the privilege to start every day with a “Good Morning” from Mr. McCoy, and it always starts my day off right. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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