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Mrs. Morrow helping a student with classwork

Mrs. Morrow

Junior Kana Chung appreciates the one-on-one relationship that Mrs. Morrow creates

Teaching is a common profession; however, not all teachers are able to evoke the passion for learning many students require to flourish in an educational environment. Mrs. Morrow is another story. Not only is she extremely intelligent and gifted in her mathematical abilities, but she is also able to communicate her knowledge to her students in a way they can easily comprehend. Anyone who has seen her in action can attest to the claim that she is passionate about what she does. It’s very evident in the way she conducts her work. In addition to giving lectures and tests, she engages in thought-provoking conversations with her students. Every class has a student or two who constantly asks questions that go beyond the initial lesson, and Mrs. Morrow meets their curiosity with equal enthusiasm. She genuinely wishes to find the answers they seek so they can fully understand different topics and feel assured that their thoughts are justified. When she teaches a lesson, she always makes sure to take her explanation an extra step further so her students not only understand what she’s doing, but why she’s doing it. Similarly, while challenging her disciples to meet their mathematical potentials, she also encourages them to push the limits of their overall intellectual thought process and takes great pride when they do. To me, that’s what makes a great teacher; being inspired by the students. An educator is most effective when they are driven by the will to better their pupils. Students will often reflect the level of passion expressed by their instructor. Teaching is more than educating a student on a particular subject, it’s preparing our youth life skills that will help them be successful in whatever path they choose. Mrs. Morrow is very aware of how critical her job is in shaping the minds of our future, and she does just that: reveal to each student that they have the capability to analyze and manage anything life may choose to throw at them. • Copyright 2022 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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