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Ann-Maree Gammell

My Favorite Photo: Ann-Maree Gammell

Brayden Rubel passes the ball to his teammate in efforts to make it to the opposing team’s basket. Basketball is a sport that requires every player to work together in order to win.

When looking through my photos after the Basketball game on Dec. 9th, I luckily came across this gem of a photo. What had made this find even sweeter was that I didn’t realize how good of a shot it was until after viewing it.  Before taking this photo, I adjusted my shutter speed and ISO quite a bit due to the lighting of the gym. When this was taken, I was behind player 30 but to the right of him, crouched down. Unfortunately, I was not able to get players 30’s head in the photo which resulted in a cut off. This is my favorite photo due to the lighting and the perspective. I like that Brayden’s face is  visible and I can clearly see that he is passing the ball to player 30. I also enjoy the colors in the photo and all the action that is present. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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