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Jeremy Rohrbach

Jeremy Rohrbach’s pushcart at the Pheasant Run golf course, during a solo round on Tuesday, March 17.

Days In The Life: Jeremy Rohrbach, a sports fanatic in quarantine

Background notes: 

I dropped my daughter off with her grandmother this past Sunday and she is staying there all week. That makes my life a lot easier right now as I don’t have to worry about finding her entertainment and don’t have to homeschool her — yet. I would have been so much more stressed if my daughter was with me this week, any parent knows that our lives revolve around our kids and making them happy. I spend a lot of time planning play dates with the Reeds and Rowes as they also have a daughter in the same age range as mine. I would not be able to do that this week as I have tried my best to stay away from crowds and adhere to the rules of social distancing. I should also note that my wife, like many workers, is still in her office working. This adds a stress to my life as I want her to be as safe as possible and wish her work would think more about its employees and the chain effect they have on those they come into contact with. 

I also am a sports fanatic and not having any sports to watch is very difficult. I know that this is a tiny problem in the grand scheme of things, but it’s something that I love and it’s currently gone.   

So here is my diary for Tuesday, March 17. 

Waking up and getting out of bed around 7:30 is awesome. I usually get up around 5:30 and arrive at FHC around 6:15 a.m. I live close to work so my drive is very minimal. We are currently on spring break but I imagine the next two weeks, possibly much longer, will look similar to the past few days. 

The first thing I do is get the coffee going, something I know that Mr. Schott appreciates. I start to plan out things I need to get done at home since this is where I will be spending most of my time. I have some breakfast and watch a little Sportscenter. The only saving grace in the sports world is the NFL free agency and it’s fun to follow, as I love playing fantasy football. 

After a little, I flip on the Xbox and start to play “Borderlands 3”. I enjoy this game because it doesn’t take a lot of skill. I am not a patient gamer so I usually suck at games that require any type of skill — I was horrible at “Fortnite” and “Overwatch.”

During all this, I check Twitter all the time as I am obsessed with knowing what is going on all the time. I feel like I have done a good job of not following a lot of politics so it has a very sports focused timeline. Again, football is the only thing really going on but it has my attention — HAHA to the Patriots, my hate is real! 

At 11, a guy from Wood’s Basement stops by to do a yearly checkup on our basement wall that has had some water issues. We don’t shake hands which is something I usually do with people who come over to work on something at our house. As we are going over the bill I have to sign a receipt, I quickly get one of my pens so I don’t have to use his. I don’t want to risk any transfer of germs if at all possible. 

At this point, I know the weather is going to be nice. I look up some tee times for a round of golf. I love golf and I know I can get out there without getting too close to anyone. I head over the Pheasant Run on K. I am playing by myself which is great, I use a pushcart so that I can get a little exercise while shanking balls around the course. I did not have anything to clean off the handle and I wish I had. I need to make sure I bring some Clorox wipes when I am out and about. 

After a fun round, I head back home. I eat a late lunch and watch some TV. I am finding some series that I can watch without my wife because that is what you do in our generation. I send out some messages to the tennis teams and continue to encourage them to practice social distancing. I know that if I am at a constant struggle then young adults I am sure are really struggling. 

A trio of taco’s from Rosy’s Cakes and Paco’s Tacos in O’Fallon. Part of Rohrbach’s dinner on Tuesday.

Throughout my constant perusing of social media, I see all the obstacles that are facing our local small businesses. I am torn with wanting to support them but also trying to eat healthily. I see these next three weeks as a golden opportunity to get in a good routine of exercise and healthy eating. I decided that my wife and I should have TACO TUESDAY and call up a takeout order from one of our favorite places, Rosy’s Cakes and Paco’s Tacos, located on Mexico Road. The food is delicious and the ice cream/churros are some of the best I have ever had — this did not conform with my desire to eat healthy. 

After eating, my wife and I watched “Zombieland 2” and enjoy the quiet time together. She mentions that she is happy that I had a fun day BUT I need to do a few more things around the house tomorrow — she isn’t wrong. 

Like a normal night, we get ready for bed around ten. I know that as I wake up tomorrow I will spend the majority of the day at home while she has to go to work. I am very thankful our district has done the smart thing in canceling classes for two weeks and moving to remote learning. 

I hope you enjoyed a quick glimpse of a sports fanatic in quarantine. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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