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Grace Clifford and Monica Wojciehowski move pre-packed meals through the halls as part of the meal pick-up service made available to those families in need on March 24.

Days In The Life: Monica Wojciehowski

Action-filled day proves worthwhile for SPED teacher

Hello, I am Monica Wojciehowski. Today, Tuesday, March 24, was the most fulfilling day I have had since the COVID-19 experience began. I woke at about 7:30 to catch the Channel 2 News. Next in line is checking my e-mail and hoping I am able to join the SPED info meeting on Google Meets (my technology skills are a bit in question). I did it and gained knowledge and anxiety. How can I do all of this? How can I help my students through education during the COVID-19 experience? Am I able to assist my students or their families in any other way? I then checked e-mails and prepped some material to put into my virtual folder.

Moving into the more fulfilling part of my day because there was action. I cleaned and scrubbed part of the dish area in Bradden’s Restaurant. I wait tables part-time for a bit of extra cash and some very enjoyable conversations. After cleaning I headed to FHC to help take food out to cars for our students who receive free/reduced lunches. I hope this helped families in this time of unknown. The recipients were appreciative. I also was able to help load busses with food to be delivered to families who were unable to pick up the food. Tomorrow I am helping out at the mobile market passing out food. The mobile market assists students and their families who need food throughout the year. Food is provided by area food banks. It is a program that I knew nothing about but am pleased to know that we help our families throughout the year. Evidently it is a program that many of our student groups help with on a regular basis. I would like to thank all our students that have helped out with this program.

I ended the day at home with a home-cooked meal, prepared by my husband and relaxing. I enjoyed the hands-on activities and being able to provide direct assistance to our students and their families. To our students, please contact your counselor, your administrator, a teacher, or me if you need anything. We will try to help. We are all in a new reality. We will learn and grow through it together. Wishing you all the best and ready to get back to normal. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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