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Maddie Bennett

Maddie Bennett is a senior distance runner on the track team, which is not currently able to meet for practices or compete in meets. Although she was looking forward to her last season on the team, she believes taking the issue seriously is extremely important. Many people are considered immunocompromised, and have a higher likelihood of seeing serious effects as a result of contracting COVID-19. Having an immunocompromised member of her family has allowed her to see the virus in a different light.

“As a senior, I was heartbroken to hear that our season will be pushed back three weeks to even a month. I really wanted to make it to state this year, and I wanted to compete in as many meets as I can … However, as much as this hurts, I strongly believe they should have cancelled the sports,” Bennett said. “I know that the coronavirus has a very high survival rate, however, it affects numerous people with weak immune systems: in this case, my mom. My mom has a very weak immune system and deals with asthma. If I do compete in those big track meets and possibly am carrying the virus around, my mom could get the virus. I would be terrified if my mom got the virus. I bet many people are still scared coming back to competing. The college I am going to next year (Drury) officially cancelled their school and is currently doing online school and has officially cancelled their spring sports. Drury and other colleges near Missouri have also done so too. If colleges that are in Missouri are closing down their school and sports, why can’t our high school for the safety of the students and their families?” • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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