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Shelby Williams

Lacrosse is in the same situation as other sports at FHC, in that they are not permitted to practice in groups or compete in games or tournaments. Sophomore player Shelby Williams was devastated by the thought of not being to spend the time with her teammates that she was looking forward to.

“When I first heard about lacrosse getting postponed I was at Red Lobster with my parents and sisters, and my mom got a call from the school. And that’s when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to practice with my lacrosse team, and I got so upset that in the middle of Red Lobster I was in tears,” Williams said. “I felt like I was just starting to get to know my team and how everyone plays, and also I felt like I was starting to build up my endurance … I’m upset that they had to postpone the sports because I really like being able to see my team, but I understand why they did it. I wish that we could still practice and be able to play together.” • Copyright 2024 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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