Update: 4.0 Luncheon Cancelled and U.S. Most Affected Country

April 6, 2020

 In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the 4.0 luncheon, a special event for seniors who have gone all four years with a GPA of 4.0 or higher, originally scheduled for April 3rd, was cancelled due to concerns over the spread of the virus. 

Those who were awarded the honor of being invited are the following: Elijah Allen, Kylie Allen, Alexander Anderson, Mikayla Aubuchon, Connor Banden, Ashleigh Bick-Dawes, Christopher Bissett, Marissa Blaylock, Hunter Bowman, Cloie Boyd, Caitlyn Brown, Kyle Bryan, Paige Butterfield, Tyler Cann, Anna Carroll, Cecelia Carter, Faith Carter, Mercedes Carter, Kana Chung, Samuel Cole, Elizabeth Dailey-LeFlore, Annalise Davis, Victoria Dobbins, Nicholas Driscoll, Madelyn Dumas, Jane Eilers, Joshlyn Enochs, Olivia Fong, Kaleb Foster, Olivia Green, Natalie Hall, Mykaela Halleman, Brent Harfmann, Andrew Houmes, Allison Huffman, Ian Ingram, Mya Johnson, Mackenzie Jones, Natasha Kiani, Lillian Klohr, Shelby Kroeger, Morgan Kromer, Abigail Laughman, Bailey Laurent, Cody Lewis, Courtney Lobberecht, Vanessa Luan, Marinda Ludwig, Erin Mallon, Lauren Marino, Sarah Matusofsky, Ellie Maxwell, Kierigan McEvoy, Jackson Michals, Emma Mize, Nicolas Moore, Jocelyn Morelli, Logan Nachtrab, Tarun Nedungadi, Samuel Newton, James Nielsen, Ellie Paske, Eric Peasel, Kira Pedrotti, Megan Percy, Alexandria Pollard, Nicholas Pouk, Christa Rolsing, Theodore Rosen, Abbygayle Ryan, Elena Sanders, Cassidy Schlatter, Allyson Schmuck, Audrey Scott, Zoe Shanley, Alex Siemers, Patrick Simoni, Alyssa Smith, Kayla Steinmeyer, Dylan Stover, Alexander Strader, Carl Swanson, Nathan Tucker, Andrew Voges, Corinne Vorderstrasse, Mary Wachtel, Kaitlyn Walden, Margaret Wilkerson, Brandon Williams, Samantha Wilson, Emily Woodruff. 


In addition, according to ABC, Dow Jones opened with a 4% spike, S&P 500 with a 3.8% spike, and Nasdaq with a 3.7% spike. ABC says that the U.S. is now the hardest hit country, with more than 337,000 diagnosed cases and close to 10,000 cases. According to Johns Hopkins, more than 1.2 million have been diagnosed world wide, 270,000 have recovered, and 70,000 have died. 


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Update: 4.0 Luncheon Cancelled and U.S. Most Affected Country