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Emily Wolfe, Hannah Bernard, Paige Fann

Photos by Emily Wolfe, Hannah Bernard and Paige Fann demonstrate different aspects of life under quarantine at their houses.

What Does COVID-19 Look Like?

With Gov. Mike Parson closing schools for the rest of the year on April 9, Spartans settled in for the rest of their school year to be conducted at home. This series of photos and short dispatches aims to show you what like is like for members of FHC Publications while staying at home as they hope for the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact in the St. Louis area to pass. 

Kana Chung

Emma Clasen

Emma Clasen, Staff Reporter


Kayla Reyes
Sam Cole
Abby Turner
Megan Percy
Chase Redington
Austin Wagner
Dawn Susek
Katrina Sturholdt
Brett Kleckley
Faith Jacoby
Ian Ingram
Marisa Jones
Faith Beckmann
Lorelei Hill
Emily Wolfe
Anasofia Carillo
Alayna Benz
Erin Reitz
Natalie Walsh
Hannah Bernard
Sarah Percy
Nikki Crangle

Ann-Maree Gammell

Ann-Maree Gammell, Photographer

Living in an apartment, I often find myself very bored. There isn’t much to do during this quarantine, so slowly, I feel like I've been going crazy. Luckily, the daily tasks of “Animal Crossing” have kept me busy. What makes this even better is that I am able to play the game with my friends. Currently, I am not too far in the game but the thought of building up my island has kept me excited, ...

savannah drnec, video editor

Despite trying to stay home at all costs, my family has had to make multiple shopping trips to get essentials. In order to make the shopping trip as safe as possible, my family has done what the news has urged and only sent one family member to the store. As one of the members who has been sent to get groceries, I’ve found it essential to keep Lysol wipes on me at all times for my cart handle...

Zoe Michals
Essy Ingram
Andrew Houmes
Sam Chen
Rhyen Standridge
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