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Stacey Dennigmann

Ridiculous mnemonic devices, silly anecdotes, and loosely related PowerPoint animations. Lovingly referred to by most of her students as “Mrs. D,” Mrs. Dennigmann brings the dull words printed in the textbook to life. Her specialty: making her lessons unforgettable. When teaching term-heavy subjects like AP Psychology and World History, memorizing terms is critical to success. But after taking Mrs. D’s AP Psychology class, memorizing 50-plus terms has never been easier. Her outside the box way of thinking is something that can’t be taught, but makes the learning experience exponentially easier. Sit in for one class, and it’s easy to tell that you’re experiencing a style of teaching that you’ll never forget. Mrs. D serves not only as a teacher to her students but as a guide and pillar of support in their times of need. The care she has for them is genuine, and her desire to see her students succeed is evident in the effort she puts into her lessons. She’s a teacher that is truly unparalleled and will always return the amount of respect she is shown. • Copyright 2023 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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