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Melissa Dumas

Dear Frau, 

From the moment I started German II I knew you were going to be one of my favorite teachers. You have such a fun and different way of teaching that I always looked forward to class. The games we played in class were always so chaotic, but that was the fun part. I wonder how my German skills would be if I would have had you for German I, but you were able to re-teach me everything over and over again when I forgot. I have made so many memories in your class that I’m sad my German time is coming to an end. It’s really disappointing that the end of our school year was canceled. I would have loved to finish out this year with you since we won’t be able to take German IV next year. 

I know you will be one of those teachers where you walk past their class just to wave at them. I will still get to see you through theatre but it’s not the same as you teaching me. I know that our class was crazy and we were the best complainers in the whole school but we still had a lot of fun. I have learned a whole new language with you, which is a lot more fun than learning about science or algebra. The music video project will always be one of the most fun things I’ve done at school, and now I can say that I’m able to rap in German. 

Even though we are going through a pandemic you still post assignments with the purpose of just checking in on us. Through the coronavirus, we have seen all of our teachers in a new way and I get to see how much you care about us. I was worried about having to learn german online but you have made sure to be available and provide us with lots of resources. I truly don’t think I would have made it all the way to german III without you. 

While our class was always a crazy one, we always enjoyed our time with you. We all joke around but I’m sure we are secretly your favorite class. No matter what happens with school or german being canceled, you have always been one of my favorite teachers and that won’t change just because I’m not in your class. Ich vermisse dich. 


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