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Sarah LaRue

Mrs. LaRue,

I loved coming to your class every single day. I loved the environment your classroom had and the way you made each student feel special. I have not had many teachers that I can say took time to truly care about every single student. You made learning English, which is not my favorite subject, fun and exciting. You did not just give us assignments to be able to check off that you passed out. You made things as interesting and relatable as you could. The pod games we played in second quarter would have to be my favorite part of English III. I always like when teachers take the time to talk about their lives outside of school instead of class being all business every day. I loved hearing about your little girl, who is adorable. 🙂 You made sixth hour English a place where I enjoyed meeting new people and trying new things. Mrs. LaRue you are beautiful inside and out. I really wish we could have had more time at school this year, but sometimes that is just how the cookie crumbles. I hope you have enjoyed your extra time with your family because we will probably never get time like this again. I hope my sister gets the opportunity to have you as a teacher in high school too. I will have to stop by your room next school year for sure! 🙂

Thank you for everything, 

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