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Adam Bertrand

Why do you want to be on the FHSD school board? 

The district is currently going through a time of uncertainty both with finances and community trust, I want to help restore and strengthen both of these.  Spending the last 15 years of my career helping organizations improve their processes and systems to deliver exceptional results for their customers and clients — I believe I have the skillset to help.

If elected to the board, what issue/topic will be your top priority? 

District finances are my top priority as without a strong financial standing the district doesn’t have a strong footing for anything else, including recruiting and retaining excellent teachers & staff, curriculum, or maintaining our buildings.

What are some specific changes you hope to enact while serving on the board? 

Improved policy and procedures within the district, such as ‘District Standing Committee’ being defined, and all committees being approved by the board.

In recent years, controversy surrounding COVID-19, CRT, controversial literature, etc. has been a hot topic at school board meetings. What do you think the district’s role is when it comes to addressing issues such as these? 

Currently, there are many policies in place to address issues that arise in the district, and these should be followed.  This usually entailed starting at the lowest level (i.e. teacher & school) to address and working up from there if a satisfactory resolution is not reached.  All parents retain this right, even to eventually have their issue formally presented to the board.  However, some issues impact the entire district, and some higher level of action is warranted based on the facts as they present themselves.

What plans do you have for increasing support for FHSD staff members? 

At the end of the day I believe all FHSD staff are like any other patron and want to feel supported but also want to have stability.  We need to determine how we enact the supports they have been asking for, by bringing back volunteers, and increasing para positions.  We also must determine how we financially meet our agreed obligations. • Copyright 2024 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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