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Christine Hyman

Christine Hyman

Why do you want to be on the FHSD school board?  

I didn’t expect to be a Francis Howell school board candidate this year, because like many parents, I am busy shuttling my Francis Howell North freshman to and from art classes, school and social activities, and I own my own business that is focused on advocacy and consulting.  But this year, I knew I had to step up because I see a divide growing in our district that only a mom like me can heal.   Every single person I talk to wants the same thing, the best possible education for our students.   I plan to speak up for ALL of our kids and to have some hard conversations about transparency in the district.  My small business gives me the flexibility to advocate for my kids day in and day out, and I would love the opportunity to do the same for yours.

If elected to the board, what issue/topic will be your top priority?

We need to shore up staffing to be sure all buildings have top quality teachers and support staff. This includes teachers and staff that will bring representation to the diverse student population. Then we need to make sure that they have the tools and resources needed so that each and every student gets the quality education they deserve.

What are some specific changes you hope to enact while serving on the board?

Transparency. I would like to have an “ inside, outside” connection with the general public and individual stakeholders within the school district. We need to  allow  people to question what is going on in the district, and alleviate any issues that arise to combat surprises and unnecessary frustrations. This will require frank conversation with all stakeholders.

In recent years, controversy surrounding COVID-19, CRT, controversial literature, etc. has been a hot topic at school board meetings. What do you think the district’s role is when it comes to addressing issues such as these?

The district’s job is student safety, full stop. Continuing to hammer on National flashpoint topics only stalls the productivity of the district. We must realize that the student body of public schools means all students, not one family’s child.  FHSD is diverse. Teachers, staff and yes the Board of Education have to create policy around this diversity.

What plans do you have for increasing support for FHSD staff members?

First, we must rebuild trust within the entire community. We need to inform the community of what it takes to meet the requirements from DESE as well as the district. We need more parent involvement, more than three minutes at a board meeting or an email complaint. We need to start celebrating our successes. School teachers/staff have a unique job, and I have never met anyone who is in it for the money. • Copyright 2022 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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