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Justin McCoy

Why do you want to be on the FHSD school board?

I want to be on the FHSD school board because I want to be an integral part of ensuring that all of our children have the best public educational opportunity available as they grow up. As a parent of two young elementary students in the district, I realize that my children have a long tenure ahead of them at FHSD. I want to be an advocate for those parents and children who are not being heard and supported in our school district.

If elected to the board, what issue/topic will be your top priority?

My top priority is to attract and retain highly qualified educators to fill classroom and staffing needs. I want to be sure we have the tools, resources, technology, and support network in place to help all of our students realize a successful and rewarding public education.

What are some specific changes you hope to enact while serving on the board?

One major change I hope to achieve is seeking out and realizing ways to increase our available operating funds. We must be able to attract and retain the kind of educators congruent with the level of educational excellence we strive to achieve. Additionally, I’d like to see our district develop new ways to encourage students to pursue careers in the skilled trades. Our society has shifted away from recognizing a skilled trade as a lucrative career, and this is eventually going to be detrimental to many aspects of our everyday life.

In recent years, controversy surrounding COVID-19, CRT, controversial literature, etc. has been a hot topic at school board meetings. What do you think the district’s role is when it comes to addressing issues such as these?

I think our district should be focusing on evidence-based, transparent decision-making and ensuring our community understands how these hot-button topics relate to public education overall. As a public school district, it is important to recognize that certain individuals and religious beliefs will not agree on these controversial topics. We must seek an understanding, compromise, and agreeable solution to ensure all of our children are empowered with the tools they need for a prosperous public education.

What plans do you have for increasing support for FHSD staff members?

I believe this starts with building community trust and awareness. If our parents and fellow community members don’t have a good understanding of how our schools operate on a daily basis, and the daily stressors to our educators/staff, it will be difficult to garner support. • Copyright 2022 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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