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Tributes to Teachers

While students may come and go, teachers stay around for many years, working hard to touch the minds and hearts of their students before the year ends. Teachers are there to witness every changing fashion trend, popular media and nonsensical meme students berate them with, yet they put up with the minor bothering to help positively impact lives of the students. Although most teachers provide meaningful content and education to prepare students for the future, the teachers who stand out are the ones that give life-changing advice that resonates with students for years and lifetimes to come. This week, students have come together to recognize the sacrifices teachers go through and the meaningful impact they had on their views for the future.

Nicholas Beckmann
Micheal Crowell
John Koz
Dustin Bailey
Melissa Fry
Jane Kelley
Barb Riti
Jen Miller
Jessica Rowe
Jeremy Rohrbach
Laurie Fay
Trisha Morrow
Michelle Anne McCune
Brian Bitney
Dena Dauve
Brittney Williams
Amy Zykan
Patrick Reed
Sarah LaRue
Christina Young
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