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Aniya Sparrow

Mr. Koz directs the students in his chemistry class on the breakdown of a compound chemical equation. Koz tries to help his students understand the complex learnings of chemistry and tries to make the class interactive and fun with different labs and activities.

John Koz

Mr. Koz,

I just want to say thank you for the great times I had in your class this year. Your class has given me a new appreciation and love for chemistry, so much so that I’m seriously considering pursuing a career in it. I never thought that learning equations at eight in the morning could be this fun, but your bad puns, lighthearted class atmosphere and good sense of humor has made second hour the highlight of my school day. I’m really going to miss your class next year. Congratulations on your retirement! I’m really glad that I got the chance to learn with you, and I hope that this past year was as enjoyable for you as it was for me.

-Charlie Rosser

Mr. Koz is a truly unique teacher who left a large impact on my academic career. Although I know so little about him, besides that he was in a bowling league, he taught me everything I know about chemistry and inspired me to pursue a degree in biochemistry. From squiggly-line datatables to the dance he performs when you fall asleep, he made chemistry entertaining. He ingrained stoichiometry in my head and I can only hope that I will have a professor in college that will teach as well as him. He taught everything in a clear manner and always showed examples that were related to the homework. He had a simple homework policy and I always knew what was expected from me. I’m sad that he won’t be at FHC to teach future Spartans about the joys of chemistry, but I am thankful that he passed on some of his extensive knowledge and love of chemistry to me. Thank you Mr. Koz for being a great teacher, your class will be one of the memories I take with me beyond the walls of FHC and into my future. 

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