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Aniya Sparrow

Mr. Rohrbach tries to hold back his laughter as a student makes a smart remark. Rohrbach likes to have fun with his classes through his poor attempts at dad-jokes and likes to make personal connections with his students.

Jeremy Rohrbach

Although I have never had Mr. Rohrbach in class, I know Coach Rohrbach fairly well. Rohrbach has taught me everything I know about tennis and I can’t thank him and Coach Brown enough for introducing me to this wonderful sport. He puts forth so much time and effort into tennis and he created an atmosphere that made tennis laidback and fun. I will never forget the car ride to a match where he drove a minivan and we all joked about my mysterious relative Betty. Rohrbach is a unique character from his ginger hair to green polka-dotted tennis shoes, and I am so glad that I got to be a part of the tennis fam and I am honored to have been one-third of a captain.

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