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Raising his baton, music teacher Andy Messerli prepares to conduct his third hour band class.

Mr. Messerli

Mr. Messerli,

Today, March 28th, is National Black Forest Cake Day aka the national day that led to a piece of cake being on your slideshow for months. Everyday me and many others would wonder if today would be the day that the cake finally changed but it never did, and honestly I’m glad it didn’t. That piece of cake and our national days became a daily ritual that I’ve grown to love. 

Now onto the part you’ll either hate or love; my thank you. I can’t write down enough words to explain how deeply you have impacted me, but I will try my best. From the moment I met you 6 years ago, you’ve made me both a better player and person regardless of how much I truly hated playing sousa marches in 7th grade. Your willingness to admit your mistakes, your passion, theory trivia, and dad jokes are all qualities that set you apart from every teacher I’ve ever had. Even your reaction to me actually emailing John Mackey while you were at MMEA will forever be a moment I cherish. You make an impact on people ,but it goes further than surface level; it’s so difficult to put this into words because you resonate so deeply with students that it’s beyond what words can explain.

This was originally supposed to be an appreciation post for everything you’ve done, but when I found out you were leaving FHC, I knew it had to be a final farewell as well. FHC will heavily miss you, but we’re also rooting for you! You deserve your own moment and if being head director someone else will give you that, then it is well worth it to let you go. It’s bittersweet really, and I know I’m also leaving this year as I graduate, but I can speak for most when I say we’re proud of you, and don’t want you to feel guilty about leaving. The lessons you’ve taught us are permanently etched into the walls of the “Mistake Room”, and no matter how far away you are, we’ll never forget how you made us feel. Regardless of where we all end up, your influence will weigh in our minds, and as your last ever Silver Shield recipient I’ll leave you with this; go do big things Mr. Mezoroli (I couldn’t help myself, just one last time), you are the best person for the role and will continue to prove that teaching isn’t about knowing everything, it’s about learning with us. 

Thank you and farewell sincerely, deeply and wistfully.  See you soon Mr. Messerli,

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