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Ms. Spies

Dear Ms. Spies,

From the very minute we were introduced leading up to now you have continued to be a positive force within my life and throughout the classroom. Never before has a teacher brought so much energy and enthusiasm to everyday instruction, whilst investing so much into their students’ growth and success. Students never feel intimidated about asking questions and seeking help because you treat us as equals. Communication has continued to be your top priority, resulting in students feeling understood and respected, thus creating an environment in which students are encouraged to participate and succeed.

Your celebration of student success via party’s and various classroom activities, creates an atmosphere where students feel valued and appreciated for their efforts. There’s a reason me and every other student in your classes are so excited to enter your classroom everyday. You make learning something to look forward to, by removing the common stressors in a classroom setting, and creating positive outlets for struggling students.

You have continued to be an available resource for students who need someone to talk to, and have always valued the wellbeing of your students. You’ve been an invaluable component of my high school journey, someone who’s influence will be felt for a lifetime.  

You have brought something truly remarkable to the classroom, all the while continuing to be an uplifting, compassionate, and understanding educator for all of your students. I have no doubt in saying you will continue to enrich the lives of students who are fortunate enough to have a teacher like you.

With esteemed regards, Amity Ianiri 



Dear Ms. Spies,

I remember hearing that Ms. Staback was pregnant my junior year and I was nervous to see who would be our maternity sub. Though the year of genetics went on and the bump got bigger, I began to become increasingly nervous for what was to come. The first time I saw you in our class was to observe what the class dynamic was and I was comforted to see the glimmer of joy in your eyes and excitement to take over our learning journey.

I always get nervous meeting new people, especially people responsible for my learning throughout the year. Will they be strict? Do they know the content? Will I be comfortable asking questions? Questions and worries filled my mind and as I walked into the room, I sat down with hesitation only to be greeted by one of the most positive figures that will be in my life the next semester. 

The first time I knew you’d be an amazing teacher is when we were in our cancer unit and you were lecturing. During the lecture you realized that you were unfamiliar with some of the content so you stopped the notes and came back the next day admitting that you read the entire chapter from the textbook just to make sure you were teaching the right information. Admitting mistakes is something that most teachers aren’t willing to do. You’re able to teach in a way that most teachers aren’t able to be comfortable with. You can laugh at your own butchered pronunciations, joke around with students but still control a classroom environment. I know more about your life, passions, likes and dislikes, etc than any other teacher in this building. 

The day we found out you were offered a permanent position at FHC, my heart absolutely swelled with excitement and pride. We watched the days coming up to the interview. The panicked glances, the difficult tests you had to take, the desperate hair straightening right before the interview and to say I’m so proud of you is an enormous understatement. I want you to know that we see you and we appreciate you. Even as a maternity sub, you’ve made such a positive impact on my education but also my character and motivation in this last month of school. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I hope FHC treats you like the gem you are next year.

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