Aiming for a better self-esteem

Students and psychologists give their advice on how to achieve a healthier self-esteem.

May 12, 2014

“Don’t compare yourself to others. Find a balance and evaluate the good qualities about yourself rather than focusing on the bad.” – Rachel Colter


“Surround yourself with people who encourage you. If you believe in yourself, that confidence will shine through. Other people will see that and that will boost your self-esteem. Do what makes you feel comfortable and what makes you happy.” – Emilie Harty


“Breaking the pattern of negative self-talk and replacing it with a more positively framed message (e.g. I am loved) can contribute to developing a more positive self-image and an increased level of self-esteem.” – Nicole Lakebrink


“Capitalize on the positives. If you messed up on something, accept that fact and just try to do better. It’s okay to have disadvantages because if you lose a skill in one area, you’ll gain advantages in other areas. Don’t compare yourself to people who have traits like being rich or good looking. Those are unhealthy and unachievable goals. If you’re looking up to a good person who is compassionate, kind, and works hard then you’re aiming to be that good of a person. That is a healthy and achievable goal.” – Goetz Viola

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