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Belen Herrera

Logos help us find our people

A tiny little image can hep us find people with similar interests

I chose this topic because I really wanted to do something quirky and fun that would still be relatable. I also wanted to bring my religion up, but I thought it would be better to mention it than to spend a whole paper on it in this situation. My religion is the biggest part of who I am, but I wanted the people that read or hear my essay to understand that I don’t go around Bible bashing (debating religious topics) or trying to baptize everyone. I’m a regular person that happens to be a Mormon. Logos are relatable to everyone, so I figured that they would help the reader best relate to me.

This topic is important to me because logos say a lot about who a person is. I wear my Young Women’s torch necklace so that people will know that I am committed to being kind and respectful of everyone, and I wear Doctor Who and Legend of Zelda merchandise to let people know that I like to have fun too. Logos are also important to me because I have found friends with them, and I want people to know, if they don’t already, that if they want to find friends, they don’t always have to think of something off the top of their head. They can use things that are already there, like logos.

This topic was easy for me to share because my intent was to be funny and poignant at the same time, which is something I’m fairly good at. I wasn’t trying to shatter and rebuild people’s world views; I just wanted them to see something from a new angle like I did. It’s a significant topic to me, but it won’t fire me up if someone disagrees. I was able to write this easily because I wasn’t afraid of ridicule. Like I said, logos are relatable to everyone, but if someone disagrees with something I said in my essay, it’s not the kind of topic that can ruin friendships.

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