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Alexis Ackerman, senior

December 20, 2019

“I do not believe [President Trump] will be removed from office. The senate is primarily republican, not only do they need a 50 percent vote, but Democrats would have to convince 67 percent of the Senate to remove him. Which just seems improbable at this time. Unless Trump committed such an atrocious crime that it would blur party lines, I don’t see him being removed during this term at all.

“Although I believe it is an injustice to allow parties to excuse crimes for their own gains, I also understand that the people have a voice during the upcoming election. I believe everyone that can vote in the 2020 election should express that right, on either side, to speak up about what they believe in. 

“It’s also important to realize that power corrupts. Right now, all eyes are on Trump, but this doesn’t mean other people are clean. It is important for the American people to question those they should put their trust in and stand up to protect their rights as well as their neighbors.”

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