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Letters to the Editor


Article Unduly Published

Submitted May 21, 2010

In response to the article addressing the seniors written in the May edition of the Central Focus, I would like to express my concerns with allowing such libel to be placed in such an award-winning school newspaper. The article “Senior Mentality” had no purpose in expressing the author’s radical viewpoint to the school. First off, she is only a junior, and cannot comprehend what we as seniors are experiencing as the school year is closing. Second, all of the data, or yet bias, was based off no more than 30 seniors in the marching band. The seniors in marching band are not a representative sample of the whole class; perhaps only make up approximately 6% of the total class.

This is a clear extrapolation of an already extreme viewpoint. I realize this is an editorial, but to “go out on a limb” and propose that we are all “big-headed idiots that everyone hates” right before saying that we are some of “the nicest people [you] will ever meet,” pray to Zeus for the truth or DO SOME RESEARCH.

So in conclusion, the paper can do a better job expressing senior attitudes at this time of year by actually doing real investigative journalism rather than leave part of your editorials open to disgruntled, under-educated juniors.


Bradley DiMariano, senior class president


Insight Valued

Submitted Feb. 4, 2010

In regards with Kyle Kofron’s article online at, entitled “Hardworking band is disrespected,” I would love to say that I commend him on a very powerful article. With having a person actually having gone through the band program, it was very sincere.

I wish that this article was in the newspaper. The article was very effective and positively got the point across. It is sad that the school feels like this. By being, “a band kid,” I have truly experienced the hate that Kofron talks about throughout the article. I was very excited to find this article online, and I wish that people would read it and truly understand what Kofron is regurgitating. People need to change their opinions about any activity that is different from the norm and be more open minded.

With people running through our cones, talking bad, starting a “God Hates the Band” facebook group and completely ruining the halftime experience for our families and fans, it is a miracle we still win more than any other group in the school. So, finally, thank you for speaking the true meaning of the marching band program, it means a great deal to every Spartan Regiment member!


Emily White, senior


Ignorance is Bliss, Said the Snake Unto Eve

Submitted Feb. 1, 2010

I am a reader. That is to say, I like to read, though it has become somewhat of a job, even a moral crusade to find empirical truth.

Once in a while, a gumbo of words presents itself to me that does nothing more than leave me with the taste of vomit. An article about the Westboro Bapist Chuch from Volume 13, Issue 5 did nothing short of this. The ideas embodied in the article unloaded like a shotgun into my consciousness. I mean what even defines a “normal” person? What kind of “normal” person sits behind a veil of grandiose declaring others need “medical and psychological help”?

Such a pompously biased article, void of any real purpose, is a glaring testament to humanity’s real problem: dualism, capitalism, black and white, right and wrong, republicans and democrats, the best and the rest. These polarized concepts have been manufactured in most Americans since birth. One cannot hope for a symbiotic and benevolent society if we allow this dualistic idealism and opinion demonization to exist.

Anyone who holds any opinion undoubtedly would agree they can argue their points ‘til the cows come home. But because we are all inherently equal, as stated by the Constitution, the condemnation of any individual idea is a moral fallacy.

Ignorance, a concept the WBC article seems versed in, needs to be known as the inability to see a certain point or perspective. So commonly we use the term ignorance to defile ideas, just like in WBC article. Think. Does this not make us a martyr of the word’s very essence?

The aforementioned columnist, Brendan Kinnison, almost takes the words out of my mouth when he says “I have never seen such a case of ignorance and stupidity in my life.”

And he’s right. Someone needs to step in. Something has to be done.


Josh Burns, senior

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