Update: Online Learning Continued Through April 24

March 25, 2020

Anchorage Daily News announces that Alaskan state officials have out into effect a mandate requiring all people entering the state from “outside” to self quarantine for 14 days. Hawaii and Florida, two tourist-heavy states, have also requested that travelers refrain from visiting for a month. In particular, people from New York — a state that has seen drastic growth in confirmed cases over the past few weeks. However, The New York Times has reported that with the practice of social distancing, the state is seeing potential signs of flattening the curve. On Sunday, projections showed hospitalization rates to double every two days. Now, projections have lengthened the time that hospitalization doubles to approximately 4.7 days.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch updates that there are now 356 reported cases of COVID-19 in Missouri, and a total of 8 deaths.

With the number of confirmed cases across the state and the globe still rising rapidly, the Francis Howell School District has also made the decision to continue at-home learning now until April 24.


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