John Kozlowski

Mr. Koz,

You are such an amazing teacher and you are able to make chemistry easy to understand and even fun. You have been just as great with online learning, which has been a struggle for everyone, but you still manage to help all of your students. I’ve spent two years being in your classroom every day and hearing you crack jokes and meet the class with the same greeting. I’m sad that the year ended so abruptly, but thank you for making the most of it!

Erin Reitz


Mr. Koz,

I have never had a teacher like you before. You made learning a subject that is pretty hard fun and something I looked forward to doing. You made me feel so smart! 🙂 I am super glad I took chem for two years. Erin, Connor, and I had so much fun in your class! I am definitely going to miss all your jokes and stories. 🙂 I already miss coming to second hour and being greeted the same way every single day. I wish we could have finished out the year in the classroom!

Thanks for everything, 

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