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Riley Wania

Ms. Riti kindly helps a student through their confusion with the assignment. Ms. Riti always tries to be a supporting figure in the lives of all her students and makes sure each one of them feels loved and respected.

Barb Riti

Dear Ms. Riti,


Though I only had you as a teacher for one semester, I can truly say that you made a major impact on me. No matter the student, you always went out of your way to talk to and try to form a connection with them and because of that everyone in that classroom felt like they belonged. Even on days when I’d want to stay quiet and just move from class to class, you would always try to talk to me and ask me how everything was going. It was nice to know that even on rough days that there was always someone who cared. Additionally, even though it was the first time you had ever taught Contemporary Issues, the way you taught the class stood out to me. You never forced us to shy away from intense or controversial topics. Instead, with your guidance, we were able to have discussions in class between multiple viewpoints that led to a universal understanding and community feeling within the classroom. Not only that, but even though the class sort of operated week-by-week, the fact that it always ran so smoothly is a testament to your hard work, flexibility, and diligence in your teaching.

I really do miss your class and having you as a teacher. I hope you have a great day and an even better rest of the school year!


Faith Beckmann



You are a spectacular human. I am so grateful to have met you. Your kind heart and sense of humor is something I am so thankful for. That day you walked into the Newspaper room just to “check-in” on me meant so much to me, and made my whole week. It made me realize that no other teacher has genuinely cared about me like you have these past few years. Our many laughs, scare surprises,  and inside jokes mean so much to me, and I will never forget them. Thank you for being you!

Much Love,

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