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Riley Wania, Photo Editor

Riley Wania a senior, and current Photo Editor of FHC Today. This is her second year on staff. She loves being an active part of her school as NHS President, leader of Central Outreach, HOSA member and ARETE committee member. Outside of school, Riley runs her photography business shooting families, seniors, couples, and sports. She also works at Fresh Thyme Market as a Natural Living Associate. After high school, she plans to go to PA school, continue her business on the side, and one day own a studio!

All content by Riley Wania
Determined Drives: Senior Ian Johnson spikes the ball to the opposing team, winning a point for the team.

[Photo] Ecstatic Endings

Emily Sirtak, Staff Reporter
May 26, 2022
Junior Tanner Jones waiting for the ball to come down to pass back.

On to the Next

Riley Wania, Photo Editor
May 10, 2022
Sophomore Ian Edmonds swinging at the ball.

One Swing Closer

Riley Wania, Photo Editor
May 9, 2022
Senior Jacob Simpkins tipping the ball.

Got ‘Em in 5

Riley Wania, Photo Editor
May 6, 2022
Ms. Rowe cant help but smile as she teaches her latest biology lesson about ecology and the soil food web. Her genuine love for all things science makes her class an enjoyable place to learn.

[Photo] Jessica Rowe

Madi Hermeyer, Visual Media Editor
May 5, 2022
Ms. Riti kindly helps a student through their confusion with the assignment. Ms. Riti always tries to be a supporting figure in the lives of all her students and makes sure each one of them feels loved and respected.

[Photo] Barb Riti

Faith Beckmann and Riley Wania, Central Focus Editor and Photo Editor
May 5, 2022

[Photo] Eric Heumann

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor
April 28, 2022

[Photo] Patricia Shockley

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor
April 28, 2022
 Ms. Barb Riti sits wearing a Canadian hockey jersey. Ms. Riti was originally from Canada but moved to Missouri to pursue a softball scholarship.

[Photo] Moving for More

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor
February 11, 2022
Flying her Flag: Sophomore Maria Velasquez stands smiling while holding up the Colombian flag. Valesquez and her family immigrated to the U.S. from Colom- bia when she was 13 years old. When she first moved to the United States, Valequez did not know how to speak English. Over time and with a lot work and help from those around her, she has been able to learn the new language and is thriving.

[Photo] Language Barriers

Lorelai Finoch, Staff Reporter
February 11, 2022
Junior Reena Barghchoun poses in a traditional Lebanese wrap holding a figurine of a cedar tree, the symbol of Lebanon. These items allow Barghchoun and her mother, Sahar Arnaout keep the memory of Lebanon alive in their home.

[Photo] Insight on Immigration

Tea Perez, Editor-in-Chief
February 11, 2022
Ms. Dumas watches her students during her first hour German 2 course, her only class at FHC. She hopes to spend more time in this classroom next school year.

[Photo] Picking up the Pieces

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor
February 7, 2022
Overwhelmed by the Opposition: A concerned member of the community expresses her view on current issues in FHSD at the school board meeting.

[Photo] Controversial Classes

Clara Kilen, Staff Reporter
December 11, 2021
Landon Gordon going for a layup.

Must. Beat. North.

Riley Wania, Photo Editor
December 9, 2021

Inside Their Minds

Riley Wania, Photo Editor
November 22, 2021
I was so excited to play with the incense. Smoke is such a cool thing to capture- it is unpredictable. I love this image, because not only is the smoke very light, but the lighting gives the image a sense of tranquility.

Movement in Photography

Riley Wania, Photo Editor
November 11, 2021
Senior Josiah Gould receiving his medal from Dr. Arnel.

Four Years Later

Riley Wania, Photo Editor
November 3, 2021
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