A Last Hurrah

The last pep assembly of the year was a success


Riley Wania

SCHOOL SPIRIT: Students at the May 13th pep assembly cheer loudly in the stands. The spring pep assembly focuses on recognizing students for academic excellence.

On Friday, May 13th, the Spring Pep Assembly took place in the large gym. During the assembly, students were recognized for various academic achievements, teachers and students competed in a dodgeball tournament and it was announced that the hallway to the Cafeteria at the entrance of the school will be named Sonny Arnel Way to honor Dr. Sonny Arnel’s dedication to the school in light of his retirement. Other student groups, including the Spotlight Players and Winter Guard, also performed for the student body. Mrs. Michelle Getz, sponsor for the Pep Assemblies, notes how the Spring Pep Assembly differs from others in the year. 

“I would say it is harder [ to plan,] because there are no cheerleaders or sensations, there’s no pep band [to perform,]” she said. I feel like you have to be a little bit more creative with the Spring Assembly.”

“I think it played out really well. You know, there’s only so much planning you can do ahead of time. I did everything I could… [and] I think it turned out really, really well.” 

One of her favorite moments of the assembly was the dodgeball tournament. In the first round, freshmen and sophomores competed. In the second round, upperclassmen competed against teachers and staff.

“I loved watching the students and teachers interact, and I thought it was so cool that we involved non-athletes as well… to be inclusive of everybody.”

Dr. Arnel also enjoyed the tournament, and notes what an important part of our school culture student and teacher activities are. 

“I think it’s fun for our faculty, for our students to see our faculty outside of a student role,” he said. “I think it’s important to show that we’re all people and that we are connected on a different level than just… the classroom. I think it’s fun, I love that our faculty get involved in it… We have a large group of faculty right now that are willing to put themselves out there in a different role, in a different light, and I really enjoy that.”

Dr. Arnel also enjoyed recognizing students for their academic achievement, as the other assemblies don’t provide as many opportunities to shine the spotlight on academics.

“Giving the top ten kids in each class a chance to be recognized [is] really cool,” he said. “That’s the business of our business: academics. We can’t forget that. It’s just fun to have that moment where they get to stand up among their peers where they get to stand up and be recognized. It’s fun how they classes celebrate that, they really cheer. It’s just a fun environment.”

Another significant moment of the pep assembly was the announcement that Dr. Arnel would have a hallway named after him in our school in recognition of his dedication and influence on our school community. While appreciative, Dr. Arnel admits it feels awkward for him because he is not the only person who has had a positive impact on the school.

“I’m very honored, very flattered,” Dr. Arnel said. “I’m embarrassed, you know. I love Howell Central, but it’s never been about me. It’s about our school… We have a lot of people that have retired from here that are great teachers. Incredible, incredible people. I’ve been blessed to be here all 25 years and see them leave and retire, and many, many [other] people are deserving for [that recognition.]”

While each pep assembly comes with unique challenges, Mrs. Getz sees this one as a success. 

“I think it played out really well. You know, there’s only so much planning you can do ahead of time. I did everything I could… [and] I think it turned out really, really well.”