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A Dedication to Teachers

Every year, there’s a special week that nears the end of the school year. This week is called Teacher Appreciation week, and it’s about showing our teachers at FHC our appreciation for how amazing they are, and how hard they’ve been working the entire school year. So, in order to show our appreciation for our teachers, the FHC Publications team has come together and wrote stories by saying how much a teacher has really impacted them. 

We hope that during this week, you tell your teachers how much you appreciate them, and tell them that everything they do is amazing. And to our teachers, keep being your amazing selves, and happy teacher appreciation week!!

Ms. Bulva
Ms. Williams
Ms. Spies
Ms. Kelley
Mrs. McCune
Mr. Beckmann
Ms. Fay
Ms. Fischer
Mrs. Broadfield
Mrs. Solverud
Mrs. Rowe
Mrs. McGuire
Mrs. Lentz
Mrs. LaRue
Mrs. Dennigmann
Mrs. Dauve
Madame Roznos
Mr. Reed
Mr. Messerli
Mrs. Clayton
Mr. McCoy
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