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Moth Payne

Moth Payne, Staff Reporter

Moth Payne is a sophomore at Francis Howell Central and a first year staff reporter this will be their first year doing so with a first year staff reporter. Their goal for publications is to make their readers smile and connect with the stories they write, and will dedicate themselves to said goal for as long as they can. While being a staff reporter, Moth is also a thespian of Troupe 5743, and is a part of Paint Crew– they will be doing their third and fourth shows this year with the troupe. Whenever they aren’t a part of school activities, Moth loves hanging out with their friends and family, and they also draw digitally in their free time.

All content by Moth Payne
The girls celebrating after their win.

Hopeful Rebound

January 24, 2023
An illustration of a student having to walk behind their friends. The people in front pay no mind to this, talking to one another as if they didnt leave a friend in the dust. Illustration by Moth Payne.

Trust Issues

January 19, 2023
An illustration of myself holding a pride flag, the flag wrapped around my younger self. The illustration focuses that my past self had to deal with being underrepresented, but now Im willing to accept myself with just one piece of representation. Illustration by Moth Payne.

Visible Pride

January 10, 2023
A printmaking design called Consumption. This piece was entered into the Lindenwood art show, and won 1st place! Illustration by Molly McGraw.

Breaking The Barrier

December 21, 2022

Gaming With A Purpose

November 9, 2022
Coach Menchaca setting down his putter.

A “Family” in One

October 10, 2022
A lunch lady calculating a students lunch.

What’s the Worth?

October 4, 2022
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