Friends Blooming Within A Page

Members of Epsilon Beta converse what is going on with their beloved club, along with looking back at the friendships they’ve made.


Excited chatter fills the library as friends and club members alike make kind “thank you” cards for the staff, the thoughts of brightening a staff member’s day brings smiles to the club member’s faces. The current events at Epsilon Beta have included bonding and becoming friends with one another once more, along with wanting to appreciate the staff at FHC.

Junior Casey Pries, is one of the students working on the thank you cards for the staff. The staff is very important to the school that all students alike attend to, causing the club to take action and show them how important everyone sees them to be.

“They’ve been extremely short staffed lately, so we’ve been making thank you cards for them,” Preis said. “We usually plan it out, but whenever something pops up during school, we also try to help out with that as well.”

Along with cutting crafting paper up for colorful cards, the air of the library consists of warm, milky cups of hot chocolate, including the smell of caffeinated coffee on Friday mornings. Because of this, meetups happen occasionally within the club, friends conversing while enjoying a warm drink. Freshman Adeline Law gets to experience this almost every Friday, reminding her of nice moments with her own friends during their time in the club, especially during socials.

“It’s just chill and low-key meetings once a month, which are extremely fun to go to,” Law said. “It’s also a chance to get to talk to everyone, so honestly I just really like how it all works.” 

Even though the final semester of the year is here, members of the club fill with excitement, rather than sadness considering that Epsilon Beta would be ending for the year. With friends constantly gathering and communicating with one another, as beautiful bonds of friends bloom within the pages of a good book.

“I get to be connected with the school while also being with my friends at the same time,” Pries said. “We’re constantly having fun, so it’s just a really good place to vibe and have fun.”