Pumped at the pep assembly

Jerianne Harrison, Staff Photographer

To start one of the busiest weekends of the year, students and teachers participated in an annual Homecoming pep assembly at the end of the school day. More than half the school gathers in the main gym to get rowdy for the Homecoming festivities including: the parade, the homecoming game and the dance.


The pep assembly always begins with blasting music and cheerful cheerleaders in effort to get the crowd going, which always works. Throughout the entire assembly the numerous announcers introduce all of the varsity fall sports: football, boys soccer, girls tennis, girls volleyball, cross country, softball and boys swim. They also introduce the Homecoming court. The crowd is entertained throughout the assembly with performances by Sensations, cheer and last but not least, the powder puff “girls.”

“I like [pep assemblies] because the whole school gets involved … a lot of the time at football games it’s just the seniors leading chants but during pep assemblies the freshman and sophomores get into it and it’s cool to see the school come together,” said senior, Haley Allen.