The Spartan softball team continues to improve as they near the end of the season.

Jake Baumgartner, Staff Reporter

With three games last week and another yesterday, the Spartans have had many opportunities to bring in more wins. Last Tuesday’s game against Francis Howell North was a great way to start a long week of four games. The Spartans beat the Knights with a score of 5-0. Just when the week started to look up, the Spartans faced off against St. Dominic, and according to senior Kristen Kolkmeyer, they weren’t prepared.

“We weren’t really into [the game],” Kolkmeyer said. “We just played really flat. Our game was just off that day.”

The Spartans’ flat playing resulted in the team’s defeat against Dominic with a score of 8-1.

This slump only lasted a day, however, and the team got their groove back when they played the Timberland Wolves. At the beginning of this month, the Wolves gave the Spartans quite the beating with a score of 16-1. The Spartan defense was off, and their hitting could have been better. But after last week’s game, the team showed off their improvement.

“The first time we played them, we played absolutely terrible,” said senior Haley Allen. “This time, we rallied together and took a big win.”

This big win can be credited to the team’s improved defense and offense. The Spartans scored a good chunk of their runs with home runs from senior Kayley Sheridan (who scored two homers), senior Becca Stocker, and Allen. The final score was 10-4.

The final game of the week was played against Parkway North, a close, but great game. North’s pitcher is one of the best the team has ever faced, so breaking through the defense for their 1-0 win was an accomplishment.

“We didn’t have a single error the entire game,” Stocker said while explaining the game. “It was a really close game, but we’re proud of how we played.”

The Spartan’s record now stands at 12-9. The team plays three games this week against Lafayette, Fort Zumwalt South, and Warrenton.