Volleyball takes on their season


Lauren Nosal

Left: Sarah Mueller, Center: Brittany Howard, Right: Eva Mich all anticipating where the ball will be played.

Tori Cooper, staff reporter

This year is the year. The girls volleyball team is moving along with their season. The Varsity team has been playing together since freshman year and they plan on making their final season count. They have been working hard this summer to really get ready to take on this season. For varsity player Danielle Robbins this team is new to her.

 “I was really nervous when I started playing, but the girls are all really nice,” Robbins said.

 After having the jamboree on August 19th, the girls got more excited about the season. They were able to really play together for the first time since last season. This being their final season the girls really want to make it worth it. In the eyes of varsity player Sarah Mueller they are only getting closer.

 “It’s like we are becoming more of a team each and everyday,” said Mueller.

The first volleyball game was held here at Francis Howell Central on Monday, August 25 against Holt. After a very intense two games the girls defended our court with a final set score of 26-24. Scoring nine points straight gave them the boost they needed for the season and their game against Washington that they played on Tuesday, August 26.

 Their game against Washington was also a two set victory. Their first set was 25-19 giving the girls the motivation they needed for the second set. They win their final set with the score of 25-22. Defending their home court once again and leaving the team undefeated. They traveled to Troy on Thursday, August 28 to take on the trojans. Taking home a victory with a score of 25-23 with their final set.

 They had a few minor bumps this season taking their first loss from Francis Howell, with a final set score of 25-12. This did not break the team though they came back during their next couple of games winning the summit with the final set of 16-25 and against Saint Charles West with a final set score of 22-25.

 “Losses are really hard, there were a couple of losses where we knew we could’ve won and we didn’t, so that’s a lot harder, but our record shows that our wins outweigh our losses,” said varsity player Caroline Green.

The two game streak was ended when they took home another loss when they took on Holt with the final set score being a cose 15-13. Just like their last loss this did not phase them, they came back with a four game winning streak as they took on Fort Zumwalt East, Hannibal, Holt, Fort Zumwalt West, and our sister school Francis Howell North. Picking themselves up from their two losses, which were accompanied by six more losses throughout this season.

 “I’m pretty confident they we are going to do well, we are a pretty strong team,” Robbins further explained.

 The volleyball team has not disappointed us yet, giving us hope for the rest of the season with the current record of 15-8. Leaving us pumped for their final four games, the next game takes place at Francis Howell North on October 7th at 6pm. Watch as the girls finish out the season as strong as the started.