Dancing to the top

As the Sensations continue performing at games, their true talents and the hard work they have put in was shown.

Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter

Games are in full swing, and for the Sensations, this means their performances have taken off as well. The thrill of being able to perform in front of hundreds of people is enough to make anyone full of adrenaline.

Sophomore Taylor Fumagalli is a varsity Sensation, who understands what it is like to be in front of so many people.

“Right as I go out there to perform, my adrenaline is so high,” said Fumagalli.

Not only is the thrill of performing intense, the opportunity for the dancers to be a team and work together is extraordinary.

Freshman Macey Leap values the teams bond and she knows that she can count on them to help her be a better dancer.

“We’re all best friends and we’re all doing what we love. That’s the best part because I’m out there dancing with my closest friends and it’s good knowing that we all accomplished what we love together as a team,” Leap said.

Another perk to being on the team is being able to showcase what they can do, showing people in the crowd makes the dancers proud of themselves.

“We all get to be ourselves on the sidelines. We joke and when I see people in the crowd I always smile and it makes me feel good,” said Fumagalli.

Since summer, the team has become closer and closer providing all the members more chances to become better friends.

“We all connected super early in the season once our practices started up, we were really close back then [in summer] and we all just keep getting closer as a team,” Leap said.

As the teams competitions draw nearer, practice is making perfect for their routines, with their strong suit being in jazz.

“We are stronger in jazz, but as we’ve been working together we are becoming really strong in both jazz and hip hop,” Fumagalli said.

This year, there are many new additions to the varsity team, and with the help of all those people, the Sensations were able to come together and become a strong team.

“You will always see all of us helping each other out, we’ve improved on dancing as a team. We all work so well together and it’s great,” Leap said.