Climbing the ladder

Boys soccer team currently at second place after win against rival, Francis Howell North

Brittney Kennedy, Odyssey Editor

The boys soccer team faced its rival, Francis Howell North, on Tuesday Oct. 8 for a rematch during GACs. The team was not expecting an easy win against the Knights because of the close 1-0 win the last time the two teams faced, according to senior Chase Webert.

“We knew that they were a tough team and they had some really good players back,” Webert said.

Though the team had won the last game, North had taken an early lead during the rematch. With the score 0-1, the team needed to turn the game around and sophomore CJ Brown was able to get the ball rolling after he put one in the net.

“I scored the first goal. I was pretty excited because it was my first varsity goal,” Brown said.

After Brown’s goal, the team was able to take a lead; although, the battle with North was not over and done. Goalkeeper, Webert, ensured the team’s lead with multiple saves during the game.

“I had one breakaway save and a save with two seconds left in a free kick,” Webert said.

The team, currently at second place in the GAC tournament, will face another rival, Howell, to determine who will be taking first place. Having played against Howell previously, the team is preparing for a tough game. According to senior Ryan Hutson, the team will be focusing on how it approaches its rematch.

“We are going to have a tough practice today and go over what we need to do to win tomorrow,” Hutson said.

Even with the practice and strategizing, the game is going to be a challenge, Brown says.

“It’s not going to be easy; they’re a big team so we’re not really that big, they’re more physical than us. Whoever wins will win the title,” said Brown.

The rematch against Howell and title determining game will be on Thursday, Oct. 9 at Howell.