Promising season on horizon for JV girls basketball

Kameryn Mellor, staff reporter

The Junior Varsity, or JV, girl’s basketball season is nearly under way and they are ready to dominate the court.

For the girls basketball team, the season is nearly under way, and the girls are readier than ever. Last year, the freshman team did not win a single game, but this year, according to sophomore Elisa Swanson, the team set a goal to win over half of its 25 games this season. The season will start officially next Tuesday, after the kick-off tournament, with the first home game taking place next Friday.

The team feels prepared for the upcoming season, according to Swanson, and confident in their abilities. This outlook is shared with the JV coach, Mr. Edmund Mulholland, also.

“The season is very promising. We have a great group of girls with high character who come in everyday to compete and focus on getting better. Our goal is to get better each day and take it one day at a time. Every day we want to compete at a high level, be competitive, and get better,” Mulholland said.

In order to improve, in regards to how they did last year, the team focuses on more than overall performance. Instead, they go to the most important part of any sport, the basics, according to sophomore Kimani Alejo.

“Practices have been going pretty swell. We don’t do many scrimmages, but we work hard and really focus on the little things. The fundamentals are really important and that are for sure something we’re going to pay attention to this season,” Alejo said.

The practices are six days a week, for two and a half hours. Many of the girls have played since early second grade or earlier according to Swanson, and intend to stick with it, much like they already have.

“It’s a fun sport. You have that competition in you  and you also have that aggressiveness, and you know that you have to be tough. I also love the team aspect. I’ve played other team sports, but in basketball you have those five other people, and one bad pass, it’s not just that one person. Everybody has to contribute and work together and it’s just a whole team,” Swanson said.