Spartan Girl’s swim and dive win dual meet vs. Pioneers 107-73

Francis Lunatto, Staff Photographer

On January 7, the FHC girl’s swim and dive was the victor in a dual meet versus Duchesne.

“I was pretty nervous… It was my first time swimming [invitationals] and at the end I was like, let’s be done with it. I was really exhausted because I kind of went all out in the first 100… I’m used to doing that because I’m a sprinter, but after that I was very happy to see what my time (3:15) was.” Senior Miranda DiSalvo said.

Emma Campbell placed first in diving.

Megan Smith placed first in freestyle.

Carli Buchanan placed first in the 100 butterfly.

Lydia Koehler, Megan Smith, Carli Buchanan, and Rachel Mossotti placed first in the 200 medley relay.

Katherine Wolf, Lydia Koehler, Megan Smith, and Carli Buchanan placed first in the 400 freestyle relay.