Sensations prepare for Nationals

The Sensations take off for Orlando on Thursday, and as the days draw near, the excitement is building.


The Sensations dance their hearts out performing in front of the school.

Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter

The Sensations are preparing to take off to compete alongside other teams in Nationals, a competition that is located in Orlando, Florida. It is a very exciting time for the dancers to not only to dance, but to enjoy Walt Disney World and Orlando as well.

For many newer members to the Varsity team, such as freshman Macey Leap, this is a whole new experience and a new adventure.

“It’s my first time going to the UDA Nationals in Orlando, it’s all going to be such a fun and exciting experience,” Leap said.

The preparations for the upcoming competition have helped the dancers a ton, and as the time to compete draws near, the team has begun having morning practices and practicing outside of school, on their own time. They have practiced for so long and are ready to bring their best to the dance floor. Senior Jessie Hunkins has been to this competition three times, and she believes that the team is ready to compete.

“I’m looking forward to being able to dance with my 16 best friends and kill it on the floor with routines we have been working on for so long,” Hunkins said.

This trip will be the second time junior Megan Butts has attended Nationals in Orlando, and she is very confident that the team will be successful.

“The second time will definitely be more enjoyable. Last year was a wake up call with all the flawless teams and everything flashed before my eyes. I can’t wait to soak in all those nervous, anxious and exciting feelings all over again,” Butts said.

There are many feelings of anxiousness and nervousness as the team leaves for the competition, especially for the girls who have never been to Nationals.

“The nerves are definitely still there, but yes I think the girls who have been there and have experienced it all before are more prepared but it’s a new competition every year, you never know how much teams have changed since prior years,” Hunkins said.

The days until Nationals are becoming slim, and the Sensations are definitely ready to bring their all.

“We are so ready. Everyday there is a new tweet or message on GroupMe about how close it’s getting and how excited we are. We’re hoping for the best, which I’m pretty sure every team down there is,” Butts said. “I’m confident we will do well and at the same time I’m confident other teams will too. It’s a crazy, talent filled competition where some of the best teams in the country compete.”