2011-2012 Staff

Executive Editors

Ellen Hinze: Multimedia
Alli Keisker: Print
Kelci Davis: Visuals


Claire Henderson: Delve
Margaret Borgmeyer: Be Heard
Matt Lundberg: Sweat
Lizzi Holland: The Scene
Sean Carroll: iFocus
Maddie Wilson: Design
Sean Gundersen: Communications


Blake Beck: Reporter
Karley Canova: Reporter
Matthew Cochran: Reporter
Allison Comfort: Reporter
Caitlan Good: Reporter
Cody Jones: Reporter
Savannah McEachern: Photographer
Jessica Mugler: Reporter
Maddie Newton: Reporter
Maty Niebur: Reporter
Ben Sandfort: Reporter
Some content contributions are also accepted from students in FHC’s Yearbook, Journalism and Photo Journalism courses.
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2011-2012 Staff