Sensations take Nationals

The Sensations are back from Florida, where they placed 13th in the Nation in hip-hop.


Jerianne Harrison

The Sensations perform one of their dances at a Pep Assembly.

Olivia Biondo, Staff Reporter

The Sensations have taken Nationals by storm, and as they return, they are very proud of placing 13th in the nation in hip-hop.

For freshman Grace Davis, this was a new experience and she truly enjoyed getting to travel to compete.

“It was a really amazing experience. We got to see such talented dancers from different schools across the country, and it really inspired me and everyone on my team. I’m really happy with the results we got. We made it to finals, got 13th in the nation and worked really hard through it all,” Davis said.

Having girls from all different grade levels on the team makes feelings about getting to travel and compete against people around the country very different.

Madi Smith is a senior on the Sensations, and this was her last year she was able to travel to Orlando for Nationals.

“As a freshman you don’t really know what to expect, but it’s almost like an addiction once you walk through that castle your first year. You will do anything and everything to be able to do it again,” Smith said. “I know I speak for all the seniors to say that it’s sad knowing that we will never get to experience the feeling of the national spotlight ever again.”

Not only was this competition a time for hard work and nerves, it was also a chance for the Sensations to get to experience the Disney Parks as well. Junior Megan Butts enjoyed hanging out in the parks and seeing all of the attractions.

“We rode almost all the roller coasters and experienced the parades in Magic Kingdom. Hollywood Studios was where we competed for prelims and semis. Animal Kingdom had our favorite ride, Expedition Everest, with the yeti. Epcot was our last day there and Downtown Disney was where we had dinner together,” Butts said.