Girls soccer winning in the rain

Morgan West, Photographer

On April 2, girls soccer faced off against Howell as the rain cycled from mist to downpour at Don Muench Memorial Stadium in seconds. The girls kept on going on the slippery turf, getting right back up after a slip or trip. The crowd, blanketed with umbrellas and ponchos, cheered and clapped each time a player braved a fall.

The game was close and full of tension; however, Central came out victorious with a score of 1-0, Junior player Emma Farley shooting the goal that took the win.

Although the girls show that there is no “I” in team, Coach Edmond Mulholland said, “We’ve got good leaders, I think. [I think] We work hard and really set that standard and bring it everyday. It helps the whole team when you’ve got girls who push hard.”