Central’s success over West

Taylor Tinnes, Photo Editor

As the sun beamed down on the field, as freshmen Spartans took on Fort Zumwalt West last Tuesday, and ended in victory for our team.

Tensions were high for the Spartans, as they were on a winning streak, to keep up the record. Coach Taylor Yocum set already set high standards for his team, keeping the Spartans on their feet. In the middle of the first half, the Spartans lacked communication but they picked up the slack after Coach Yocum spoke with a midfield player. Overall, the Spartans were encouraged to try even harder which led to their success with a 2-0 score.

“It’s a lot of pressure at one time because you have to make sure it’s served in right and that you can place [the ball] where you want it,” said midfield Derek Tinnes.