StuCo’s upcoming fun

Student council prepares a year full of fun for FHC

Dulci Hedges, Staff reporter

This year, Student Council, as always, is preparing tons of events for the upcoming months. Just recently, they made the decision for the Homecoming theme: Bollywood. Junior and board member, Faith Hiles, says she’s eager for this theme “because it’s going to be bold and colorful with a lot of inspiration from a rad culture,” and that it’s “not only going to be a colorful theme but also decently sophisticated.” So rent your tuxedos and buy your dresses because homecoming season is upon us! Along with homecoming itself comes spirit week. Senior and general member, Luke Gaglio, who informed me of all of the themes.

Monday-Disney vs. Marvel

Tuesday-GQ vs. Scrub

Wednesday-Nerd vs. Jock

Thursday-Frat vs. Sorat

Friday-School Colors

Gaglio describes them as “contradictory days that will be able to get students involved in ways they never would before.” He says that people “can go against their friends and not only in the sense of above and beyond, but through rivalry.”  

Another occasion our student council has put together is the Light The Field Cancer Awareness event, which is Friday, Sept. 11 Ms. Pohlman, student council advisor says that their “vision is that this will be a tasteful tribute to those who have been touched by cancer either through their own battle, or that of a loved one, friend, or teacher.” The idea is that those willing to participate will gather on the track after the football game and carry their “light.” StuCo will be selling lanterns as well as other glow up items and also will have a place for people interested in making glow up posters to hold up. According to Pohlman, the hope is that this will bring staff, students and family together to show their love and support for those affected by cancer. All proceeds from this event will go to one of our own retired art teachers, Amy Roesslein who is fighting this cruel disease and also to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.