Spartans succeed through collaboration

Central wins another shutout game against Fort Zumwalt East with a score of 3-0

On Oct. 1 , the boys soccer team traveled to Fort Zumwalt for another win. The final score of the night was 3- 0, the goals were scored by junior CJ Brown, sophomore Caleb Mundle, and junior Jared Strange.  Although the Spartans won, the team still seeks further improvement.  

According to Coleton Schweigert, it was a good game for the team, but not their best outing of the season.

“There were times when we could have hustled more toward the ball.  Instead of winning 3-0, we could have won 6-0.  We still played well though,” Schweigert said.

The scoreboard was blank, until CJ Brown scored a penalty kick with 12 minutes left in the first half. Senior Cameron Webb was on a breakaway until he was tackled in the box.  The ending score for the first half was 1-0.

Following Brown’s penalty kick, Coleton Brown made an assist to Caleb Mundle’s goal.  At the start of the play, the ball started deep in Central’s backfield.  

After the ball was passed around for sometime, Webb played the ball to left back Strange.  Positioned perfectly for the corner kick, Strange placed the ball in the bottom corner.  Strange’s goal marks the final score for the night.  The win against Fort Zumwalt East marks  Smith’s fourth shutout game of the season.  Apparently, Smith didn’t have to make too many saves against East.

“They didn’t have too many shots, it was a lot of catching  balls in the air,”  Smith said.

As a goalie, Smith gains a unique perspective on the game.  He is able to see where the team excels and the skills the group still needs to improve.

Smith believes the significance of East’s game was “the team’s willingness to work together, and ability to overcome selfish motivations.”

The team’s goal is to gain success through not one individual, but through the collaboration of all players.

“That stands out when we work together when we reach our goals, and win as a team, and just not as ourselves,” Smith said.

The boys will host rivals Francis Howell this evening at 6 p.m.